Category: Security

  • pfSense 2.1.2 has been released

    and we are ready to implement it! If you’re directly connected to the internet and don’t have a firewall, your computers are being pounded by botnets and hackers on a daily basis.  If you’re running Windows computers, they will get in sooner or later, but even Macintosh and Linux systems can leave you vulnerable although…

  • pfSense 2.0 RC1 emminent

    There are a few more and issues bugs to address.  Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long now!

  • pfSense 2 is almost ready!

    We have been using m0n0wall and pfSense as a router and firewall solution for clients for quite some time now.  Both are rock solid workhorses that rival commercial routers and firewalls in stability, functionality and performance, yet are built on an open platform.   The latest version of pfSense brings some enterprise grade features needed in…