We provide clients with a number of internet connectivity options as well as local area network options.

Below are the options we have for wide area network connectivity.

For inhouse LAN’s in offices, on farms or industrial sites, we can lay fibre, copper or wireless infrastructure to suit your requirements.


Our relationship with VO Connect allows us to quickly determine which fibre providers have service at a particular address and how long it will take to activate the service.

For farms, industrial sites. office blocks or housing complexes, a customised service can be configured to meet your exact requirements.


Microwave (licensed spectrum wireless) services can be used a primary or backup internet services. We can also provide private networks onsite with these in areas where there is a lot of RF noise and so guarantee connectivity and throughput.


LTE provides a suitable alternative to Microwave or Fibre and by employing dedicated antennas we can ensure that connectivity is possible even when a handheld mobile phone doesn’t have a good enough signal to provide internet connectivity.

This also serves as an excellent backup for Microwave links, since the network typically use different routes and infrastucture thus providing better uptime even in remote areas.


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