Private Cloud Hosting

This service is a joint venture with a national tier 1 ISP. We offer specialised and customised hosting of services for particular clients in a state of the art, highly redundant, data centre. The focus is on high speed transactional requirements where resilience and data integrity is paramount.


Both NVMe2 and SAS3 storage is available for optimum performance and space. Interconnection between nodes is faster than the node speed itself, so no bottlenecks occur when data is read or written


Apart from redundant configuration, regular automated snapshots and backups allow you to revert to points in time if and when necessary.

We can also replicate your services on remote servers for added reliability or for other reasons


Multiple copies (up to 4) of your data exists to ensure than no component failure will cause any data loss. With multiple nodes in a cluster, you can be assured that there won’t be systems failure that will affect your services.

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